Does the cleaning method remove all types of stains?

The technicians will pre-treat any stains with a professional stain removal product before proceeding with the overall cleaning of your bed piece. Our methods aim to fight successfully even the most stubborn marks. Still, for best results, make sure that you address spills and accidents straightaway to reduce the risk of permanent staining on your mattress.

Do you charge the same price for cleaning both sides of the mattress?

Yes. We do not charge extra if the bottom side of the mattress also needs cleaning.

Can I book the service at short notice?

Yes. We’ll do our best to send a pro, subject to our availability for your location. Note that the sooner you request a service, the bigger chance you can schedule an appointment for a day that is convenient for you.

Are the cleaners insured?

Absolutely. Our company and the cleaning technicians, we work with, are fully insured against accidental damage to your property or possessions.

Do you apply any cancellation charges?

No, unless you fail to notify us and we arrive at your door. $20 would be appreciated.